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Welcome to the Positron 3D Wiki

This wiki is in early Alpha Stages and may contain incomplete or outdated information.

If you wish to help update this wiki, please join the Positron 3D Wiki Discord and apply for alpha editor access.


Name / Invite Purpose
Kralyn 3D Discord Primary Kralyn 3D Discord, home of the Positron Community.
Positron 3D Wiki Discord Secondary Discord for Wiki Organization & Participation.

Wiki Sections

All Sections

An overview of all available sections in the Wiki.

Positron Stock Guides

All Guides & Info for stock build information.

Verified Kits & Mods

Kits and Mods verified by the Positron Team.

Community Mods & Resources

Mods & Resources maintained by our Community.

Positron Overhauls

Forks of the Positron Project maintained by other teams (IE; Positron LT, Positron JourneyMaker)